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HERE IT FINALLY IS: THE DOCTOR/TARDIS PHOTO LOVE STORY! (Though I am afraid posting it will kill LJ again *wibbles*)

Many of you have followed the Doctor's adventures in searching for his TARDIS since he came to live with me last september (and I love my pretty feeces [ profile] chaosmaka and [ profile] luisadeza forever for getting him for me ♥♥♥)! If you haven't been here that long, here is a quick recap: We have seen him search for his TARDIS in my flat and on the crazy golf course and out on breakfast with us here (he may have not found his TARDIS then but he found a friend in Merlin. And got molested by Aragorn but let's not speak of that!) He's also been to Pierrefonds but had no luck there either. He then found Rudolph My Kitchen Helper but obviously he cannnot take him around time and space. He had a giant Jammy Dodger while taking a break from searching. We've also seen him getting his Ron-sized slave at the same time Merlin got his very own Arthur ;) But still no TARDIS! He never gave up though and as you all know he went to Frankfurt two weeks ago and finally finally found his beloved TARDIS. What follows now is the story of how that happenend :D

The times the Doctor has to buy a ticket for the tram are over *g*

One day the Doctor got on his trusty steed and rode out in search of his TARDIS.

He arrived on planet [ profile] persikay and looked around.

But not a single blue box in sight. He decided to explore the surrounding area.

Suddenly he met an old man who looked familiar somehow.

“Hello there! Have you seen my TARDIS?” he asked.
The other Doctor looked at him. “Do you mean to tell me you LOST the TARDIS?”
“Not lost it … just temporarily misplaced it … “
“Nonsense!” the other Doctor said. “Good luck finding it.”

And he left, mumbling something about silly haircuts and having to tell his future incarnations to take better care.
The Doctor shrugged and continued on his merry way.

He spotted another familiar looking man who was playing a recorder.

“Have you seen my TARDIS?” he asked.
“Oh my word!” the 2nd Doctor said. “You lost the TARDIS? You are worse than Jamie.”
“No, I just temporarily … oh! Lovely bow tie! Bow ties are cool!”

“Yeah well … thank you. Try looking over there.” the 2nd Doctor said, pointing west.
“Thank you.” the Doctor said and went on his merry way. After two steps he turned around and called. “Oh, and tell Jamie I said hello.”

When the Doctor was sitting down to take a break from his search, he was approaced by yet another man who looked familiar. And oh dear … had he really worn a coat like that?

“Have you seen my TARDIS?” he asked.
“No.” the other Doctor said. “But have you seen the Brigadier?”
The Doctor sadly shook his head. “No, I haven't seen him.”
The other Doctor shrugged and left, mumbling something about ridiculous haircuts and tweed jackets.
The Doctor sighed. Would he ever find his TARDIS?

The Doctor next met his “all teeth and curls” version, who was busy sonicing a large rock.

“I want a hat like that.” the Doctor thought, but he only said, “Have you seen my TARDIS?”
The 4th Doctor just grinned at him. “I'm sorry, I haven't seen it. And if I were you … which I am … I would get out of here before this rock explodes!”
So the Doctor ran.

He only stopped when he met another man … who also looked very, very familiar.

“Have you seen my TARDIS?” he asked, although he already knew what the answer would be. The other Doctor shrugged “No, I haven't seen it.”
“Alright. It was worth a try. Oh, and nice vegetable.”
“Nice bow tie.” the 5th Doctor replied, winking.
“You could try looking in the woods over there.”

“Thanks!” the Doctor said, and he went on his merry way.

The Doctor reached the woods, where he came across his camouflage self.

“Have you seen my TARDIS?” he asked.
“No, I still haven't seen your TARDIS. Stop asking the same question! Can't you see I am busy hiding from the Cybermen?”
“Uh … sorry.” the Doctor said, and he went on his not-so-merry way (his feet were starting to ache)

After taking another rest (“I'm never going to find my TARDIS! Booo.),

the Doctor continued his search. He met another of his former selves, opened his mouth to ask the familiar question ...

“No, I haven't seen your TARDIS.” the other Doctor said before the Doctor could utter a single word.
“Oh!” the Doctor's shoulders slumped.
“Would you like a jelly baby?” the other Doctor offered him a bag.

“Thanks, but I prefer Jammy Dodgers.”
“Well, good luck with your search.”
The Doctor nodded, and went on his still-not-so-merry way.

He sat down beside another familiar man. “You haven't seen my TARDIS by any chance, have you?” he asked him.
“Oh well. It was worth a try again.” The Doctor sighed, and went on his dejected way.

But suddenly … what was that? A flash of blue … could it be? A TARDIS!!!

“This is my TARDIS!” the 9th Doctor said.

“But … I … “
“Sorry, but I gotta go!” the 9th Doctor said, got into the TARDIS and disappeared.
“I hate bananas!” the Doctor said but no one was there to listen.

Seconds later the TARDIS appeared again, and a familiar head peaked out.

“Hello again!”
“Have you seen my TARDIS?”
“No, but you could try looking behind you.”
The 10th Doctor winked and disappeared back into his TARDIS.

The Doctor twirled around, and really! There was a TARDIS!

The door opened and his future self – without the bald patch, had he finally gotten around to get a wig? - looked out.

“Amy and Rory took your TARDIS out for a spin. Just wait there and they'll be back in a moment.”
The TARDIS disappeared,

and within seconds reappeared.

Rory opened the door. “Come on Doctor!”

The Doctor grinned and went to hug the TARDIS.

Then he stepped inside and they all went on their merry way leaving planet [ profile] persikay behind.

The TARDIS reappeared again on planet [ profile] ronsoftie!

The Doctor stepped out in his home :D


ALSO: have an outtake from the shoot. The wildlife from planet [ profile] persikay came by and took an interest in the Doctor's trusty steed.

[ profile] persikay and I had lots of fun making this photo love story and we hope it made you smile at least a bit and that you are as happy as the Doctor that he has his TARDIS back now. After all she is his one true love, isn't she? ♥♥♥

As I promised, award winning material, eh? *g*