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ronsoftie ([personal profile] ronsoftie) wrote2012-08-01 08:29 pm

Hello from England

Free wi-fi for some reason won't let me on Twitter but on my LJ app. So saying hello from here. Missing you all. Sitting in a cafe in town right now. Got here alright but it's been a bit stressful so far with Nannie in hospital and all. Today it seems better, lets hope it stays better.
I hope this comes through alright *hugs you all*
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HELLO HELLO I MISS YOU!!!!! *clings*

I'm glad to hear your nan is feeling better and I hope she continues to improve. ♥

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*clings* There is an ice cream van outside, which made me smile *g* Sadly no Jamie inside ;)
My Nan is still very poorly but she is perkier and commanding us all around ;)

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Jamie is still at the beach ;) Or maybe he's out buying some new clothes so he could impress you!

Aww, the fact that she's commanding all of you sounds like a good sign! Still keeping my fingers crossed. *cuddles*

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It does. *hugs*
To your grandma, ma and everyone else as well!

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good to hear some good news at least. miss you too. hugs.