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ronsoftie ([personal profile] ronsoftie) wrote2012-02-29 08:50 pm
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Oh, Davy :(( I am so shocked! I don't want to believe this. I will always have so many amazing and fond memories in connection with Davy. Davy was part of the reason I found my best friend, and a few other lovely people! He gave us all so much joy. And I will never ever forget that he actually signed Roo's sign, even after ten years it still makes me smile and laugh. DAVY SIGNS EVERYTHING! EVEN PLAIN STONES *G* And Davy wants to just go home! "Monkees! Monkees! Monkees! Davy! Davy! Davy!". VAAAAAA-LLERIIIIIIIIII! Stripey!Davy! Radioactive!Davy!
I could go on like this forever! Thank you, Davy, for so much joy and entertainment. We loved to mock you at times, but only because we care! I will miss you ♥