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Squee-Challenge Prompt 17: Episode Watch: wax indignant or flail shamelessly about an aspect of the episode
(I have to admit I first read that as flailing about a certain scene of an episode, so I hope this works as well as an aspect of the episode. I first wrote the entry before going back for the prompt, so yeah *facepalm*)

The smallfolk say it was King Renly's ghost. But wise men know better."

Frankly, best entrance ever! I literally squeed out loud when this happened! In the books I adored the part with Renly's ghost, I flailed and let myself hope for a while, and then it made me cry and hurt all over again about Renly, and it was just brilliant. But in the show it looked like it won't happen because a) they never introduced Loras' brother Garlan who wore Renly's armour in the books, and b) they didn't put much emphasis on Renly's armour itself. This made me really sad because I had been looking forward to that part in the show. BUT THEN IT DID HAPPEN AND THEY MADE IT WORK SO VERY PERFECTLY FOR THE SHOW! THEY PUT LORAS IN RENLY'S ARMOUR AND IF THAT DOESN'T MAKE A SCENE SQUEEWORTHY I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES! And it would have been even better if they had left that wonderful deleted scene in the episode itself (because then less people who hadn't read the books wouldn't have been so confused about it. Many people didn't even recognize Loras and thought it was Lancel :o And many people didn't even understand that it was Renly's armour. And with that scene they deleted it would have been so clear.)
Also, Loras even rode Renly's horse and just ugh, why is this little scene so perfect?! ♥

"And do you know who led the vanguard? Do you? Do you? Do you? It was Lord Renly! Lord Renly in his green armor, with the fires shimmering off his golden antlers! Lord Renly with his tall spear in his hand! They say he killed Ser Guyard Morrigen himself in single combat, and a dozen other great knights as well. It was Renly, it was Renly, it was Renly!"

That scene just makes me squee all over the place. First the whole happy flailing that it was actually in the show when I never expected it to be. I dared to hope a little but never really believed it would happen. And then that they didn't put any random person we never met or heard about before in the armour but none other than Loras himself. Who looks so determined but also so incredible sad when he tears off the helmet. It broke my heart all over again, and it is constantly broken about Renly anyway.
I was so glad they hadn't forgotten about Loras, and that he got this very special extra little scene. And I just keep thinking about how hard this must have been for Loras to get into the armour (and how hard it was for him in the book that he couldn't be the one who'd get into Renly's armour because the armour was too loose on him, and then having to put it on his brother.) My personal headcanon now, by the way, is that Margaery put him in the armour (this is all the fault of that beautiful deleted scene), why isn't there fic like that?

Also, this:

To the shallow part of the squee: Look at his amazing curls, how they break wild and free out of the helmet. And then spring right into place. There is no such thing as helmet hair for Ser Loras ;P

And then Finn added to the squee by tweeting ♥

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