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... everyone else but you ...

Squee-Challenge Prompt 2: Picspam: favorite favorite body part, piece of clothing or characteristic gesture.
Remember the picspam of my OTP Matti/sunglasses? I promised a few more like that, amongst them a Matti/scarves one. So for this prompt I am going to use the piece of clothing part of the prompt and collected a few pictures of Matt Smith wearing scarves :)

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ohhh what a good idea for a picspam. i love the second to last one, with the leather jacket <3333

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Yeees, that is one of my fave pics of him <3

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I should kidnap him today and send him over to you. Including all the scarves :D ♥

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Yes, please ♥ I bet it is cold in London too, right? So he needs a good scarf today.
Man, he shall do such things like today when I am over in may ;)

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Bloody freezing. He needs all the scarves. ALL THE SCARVES.
You should ask him and tell him when you're over :D

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I want spring!
He isn't wearing one!! :O Boo, Matti ;) Stupid Twitter teasing me with it all.
I'll just ask him if he wants to meet us for tea then :)

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Hello Sweety! ♥

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Hello ♥ How are you doing? Mean spring for teasing us last week and now this awful freezing weather again :/

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Wow, boy really does love his scarves. :)

Love the last one and really like that red scarf he had with the gray spots. I also really love the one with him and Arthur Darvill hanging out.


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ohh, a thing I never knew I loved! Look how lovely he is though!

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Aww, lovely lovely Matt.

And his lovely lovely scarves.

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