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Friends Only

If you actually want to friend me, don't worry, I am quite sure I would never say no :D Just comment :)

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Well, it's not your fault when you find the perfect picture for the banner *ggg*

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Yeah, I know! It had to be done. It begged to be done :P

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i've added you to my friendslist... just because i thought ... it's time. or something. hope that's ok....

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Sure that's okay. Added you back :)

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can i be your friend?

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Aren't you my friend already? :)

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i wasn't sure if YOU were MY friend :D 's all great!

your myspace profile says you are 98.

love it!

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Awww. Course I am ;) *hugs*

*lol* Yeah, I just do not like to show off my age everywhere ;)

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hi there =o)

would you ppplllease friend me *puppy eyes*

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*g* It's done! Who can resist those puppy eyes? Not me! :)

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Can I be your friend? PLEASE! :)

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Oh, more puppyeyes :) Adding you right away! I saw your lovely comment to my fanfic just now and I will reply to it later as I am not actually here right now ;)

And I love your friends only banner :D

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Sonja showed me something you said and I really agree, so would you like to be my friend?

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But of course :) May I asked what it was that I said?

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you and me should be friends :)! right?

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Sure :) Added you!

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Well I added you because of the daily adam community. I'm really an Adam Green fanatic and I hope you'll add me too

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Sure I will, am on my way to adding you :)

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Hey Fuz, can I be your friend?

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But of course, Feef :D I didn't know you had an LJ.

Adding you right away :)

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Hello. Let's be friends, dear?
We don't know each other from anywhere, but maybe in future...?

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Sure, that'd be lovely :) Am going to add you right away!

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The date on the post saids 3-29-08.

NIce pic :) *huggles*

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Yeah, that way it always stays on top. And ta, I am pretty happy with the graphic :D

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Is it okay if I friend you? It looks like we have quite a few things in common. :)

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Of course, friend away :D

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Can I friend you?

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Sure, friend away :)

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Oh my God Fuz, darling, your journal is gorgeous!

I am sooooooooooooo missing you right now. Seriously.

Anyway are you still at the same snail mail? I bought you a ickle pressie for your bday/christmas (it'll be really late, sorry :( ) and I just wanted to make sure before I send it...

Anyway liek I said, I MISS YOU. Seriuosly. Like, insanely.

I am going to be out of school in a week, and, when I am, I PROMISE we will catch up. I swear. *tackleglomps you*

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Aw, thank you, Danipoo :D I am very fond of it, too!

Yes, I am still at the same snail mail! Cannot wait to get your ickle pressie, no matter when it arrives :D I am afraid though that I'll only be sending out cards abroad this year, I hope that's okay.

I miss you too! I am just not having a whole lot of time lately, when I come home from work I am always quite tired and not up to sitting infront of the Pc too long as I am already doing that 9 hours nonstop at work. And the weekends are full of activities at the moment. For once in my life I am busybusybusy ;)

I'll stop my current job the friday before Christmas, so I'll at least be off for two weeks, I hope we get to catch up sometime after the christmas days then. The best way to get me is to mail me, I sometimes take a week before I reply to my mails but I love to receive mails and keep them going, you know :)

*snuggles you*

Please add me as a friend, nicole!

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please add me as a friend, Nicole! You know me from ML. Thank you so much and have a safe and blessed New Year.

Cheri :)

Re: Please add me as a friend, nicole!

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Added you! And a happy New Year to you too.

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may i be added?? pretty please?:)

oh, and i loooove your "i only wanted the one with the flag" avvie :| it's the loveliest thing ever!! you woulnd't happen to have the original picture, would you?:)

[identity profile] 2008-01-27 05:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Sure, I've added you :)

Aww, thank you :D And here is the original picture!

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(Adam Green, Dr Who and The Libertines - thumbs up, dear.) Let's be friends?

[identity profile] 2008-02-22 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course :) Added you back!

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I promise I will start commenting IF....


You send me an email, telling me all about you and catching me up on what I've missed the last months. One of the reasons I dont comment is that when I finally do venture over here, I have NO idea whats going on.

So... yeah. I want us to be the bestest of best friends again! I miss my Fuzzikins. *smoochhuggles*

[identity profile] 2008-03-01 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
OMG, blackmail :) If only anything happened except for the stuff I already told you about last month, but I'll send you a mail anyway and babble away as I am good at babbling. The mail in your userinfo is one you use, right? I always keep loosing my mail addies with the PC crashes ;)

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Want to friend me? I found you via the Libertine's Stills.

PS: I am huge fan of Libertines, Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things and Torchwood (although I think I am a season behind.)

[identity profile] 2008-03-07 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
Sure, I'd love to and have just added you :)

Which was the last episode of Torchwood you saw? I was behind quite much till recently as well, have caught up now though.

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can I be your guest?,pleeeese ;)

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Of course :) I have added you.

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I was wondering.. because I'm delighted to see German doctaaah fans, mind adding each other? :)

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Sure, I'd love to! On my way to add you :)

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Hallo, hallo. ;)

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After all the nice babbling over at my LJ I thought: why not be friends? ♡ :)

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Of course, that'd be lovely ♥

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