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... and though I may not look like much ...

A few pictures from Pierrefonds from wednesday and thursday. Nothing spectacular though, my camera is just a normal lousy camera ;)

Hm, no spoilers except for costumes, I suppose. But believe me, blink and you miss it ;) Oh, and there are two guest stars on the pictures.

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Aww, Katie's wave is precious! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :D

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Katie was just precious over all :)
It's my pleasure :)

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my thoughts exactly! ♥ everything about that woman just fills me with so much love.

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Oh hon! So close... There I am, actually in two of your pics, and we didn't get to say hello. I'm so sorry about that!

But hey, it's oddly reassuring that at least the back of my hair was looking fairly reasonable that day. :-)

I'm so glad you were there for the Pierrefonds magic. ♥

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Hey :)

Oh, but we actually did talk :) I was with [ profile] chaosmaka, I asked about the Doctor Faustus shirt ;)

Me too :D Last year we missed the filming by a day. Not that just visiting the castle itself isn't wonderful already but it's great to see them too.
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Oh silly me! I didn't realise it was you, hon. ♥ You are so getting a big old Mrs L hug next time. You can take that as a threat or a promise, as you like. :-D

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You know, the more I see Tom the more ridiculously giddy I get about him. OMG. SO HOT.

LOVE your pics (you lucky lucky girl ♥) and everyone looks lovely (god, Katie, be more gorgeous!).

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N'awww! I still do not really find him hothot, but so adorable and quite gorgeous :D And gosh, you should have seen me when he turned up, I had an embarrassing fangirl moment, didn't even know I've loved him that much (only my reaction to seeing Nathaniel Parker was probably more prominent because I've been a fan of that man practically since forever and seeing Inspector Lynley on a horse first thing when we arrived was quite amazing :D)

Thank you ♥ Katie was really amazingly gorgeous, wow :D

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He's this wonderful mix of goofy and hot for me so he's basically Bradley, but supersized. LOL. Goofy hot men, it's my thing. ;D

I wish had been there to witness the fangirl moment *g* I probably would've had an equally embarrassing one of my own!
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Aww yes, that definitely describes him very well! I might be getting to the hot part one day *g* I certainly got all jealous when one of the Ninja extras got to feel his biceps ;)

We could have felt all embarrassed together then ♥ It was the good kind of embarrassing feeling though ;) And our [ profile] chaosmaka caught it on camera ... *g*

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Hey bb! ♥
I miss you already, but thanks for the brilliant days!
ILU! ♥

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Hellooo <3

I miss you too, bb *hugs* And thanks to you as well, especially for the mug ♥ And also, I am visiting you soon, yes? Need to see the new flat and visit that infamous Rewe *g*


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awww I love the pictures! ♥

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Thank you ♥♥

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colin's sassy mcsassy boots are still in this shoot! i could cry. ♥

thop looks like such an adorable muscly teddy bear. it's lucky i don't get to go to these things myself, or i might proposition him about climbing on his back for a tour of the place. XD


thanks for sharing these with us bb! glad you guys had fun!

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YES! I love his boots too! The new ones on that other costume look horrible. But gladly it doesn't seem as if he'll wear it often. We rejoiced when he had changed into his usual outfit again *g*

Awwww, that would be a very exclusive tour of the place. You'd just have to be careful to not knock your head on door frames and ceilings ;)


Thank you, and I'm glad to be sharing :)

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your vivienne westwood boots, merlin, never ever part with them please!

it's okay. i am tiny (not for an asian girl but i think i'm only up to his chest) and have good reflexes. :))

EVERYTHING ABOUT RUPERT. idk idk, he isn't even my type but somehow i just find him so handsome.

♥ ♥!

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I'm so glad you got home safely, bb <3 AND I MISS YOU TOO! Ich mag dir Käsetoast machen!

Thank you too *snuggles*

SO MANY BOOOOOOOOOYS! AND GRUMPY!BRADDERS! Finally I got to see him live and in colour (even though he was trying hard to be not colourful at all ;))

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*CLINGS* <3 <3

Thank you :) <3 Zum Glück gabs nach dem fetten 1 Stunden Stau dann keinen mehr, puh. Der war so nervig aber da war Keddi zum Glück noch dabei. NOM NOM DAS WÄR JETZT FEIN.

Oh boy, you can't blame him... after all he's still waiting for his letter ;)

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Great pics, thank you for sharing! I'm curious about the actor walking in with Katie in a couple of pics: bald guy, sleeveless costume. Doesn't he realize only Tom can show the guns? ;D No, seriously, for a second I thought it was Aglain returning! I always thought it was a shame that they killed him off. He had the potential to be a really interesting mentor figure for Morgana.

But I digress. :D Again, thanks!

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Hello ♥
Yes, it was a real shame they've killed him off. Instead we got the SISTAAAAAAA, who I want to personally send over a cliff all the time ;)
Haha and yes, the gun show belongs to Tom, how he demonstrated so wonderfully again.

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Well, I like Morgause but I don't enjoy all the SISTAAAA nonsense. People have names for a reason! Use Morgana's! :p

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I love Emilia Fox, and therefor I am so sad that Morgause only gets on my nerves these days. I absolutely blame the SISTAAA stuff. I mean, it's really not so hard to remember Morgana's name ;) Or maybe I should blame Bradley?
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It's always Bradley's fault :D

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*butts in*

Oh, I wish Aglain could come back! I love Colin Salmon!

I think his name is Terence Maynard though. Just had a check because he seemed so familiar and I think I remember him from Reign of Fire.
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I wish he'd come back too! He could just be presumed dead, right?

I've never heard of Terence Maynard or Reign of Fire so I'll take your word for it :)

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You got some brilliant pics there my dear :) Glad you guys got a good few days filming! even if Bradley was trying to be all ninja hiding with his hoodie and sunnies ;) heee!

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Thanks for sharing these