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*ahem* As I've said in my last entry I was (and am) busy reading Renly/Loras and Finn/Gethin fics. And by now I've read enough to start a rec list :) Sadly there isn't that much in general of those two around but these are the ones I've read so far. I will hopefully update it with more fic soon.

As of now there are 22 Renly/Loras stories and 8 Finn/Gethin stories.

One cut for

Renly/Loras fic

*The Advantages of Being King by [ profile] slightlytookish --> The most adorable fic. EVER! I might be a little biased but it really really is! It's modern!AU and Renly and Loras (and some of our other beloved GoT characters) work at Medieval Times!

*Paintbrushes and Rugby by [ profile] slightlytookish --> OMG! Again, I might be a little biased (especially as this fic contains a lot of our squee *g*) but this is the most lovely and cutest fic ever. Renly and Loras in highschool. It has glittery antlers and hairbands and h/c and blanket forts. and artist!Renly ♥

*hearts and bones by honey_wheeler on AO3 --> THIS FIC, PEOPLE! OMG THIS FIC! It is gorgeous and beautiful! I was a blubbering mess at the end. SO MANY FEELINGS! I especially love this Loras so much, I love him being a little bit insecure and vulnerable. AND RENLY! Oh my Renly ♥ This really is an amazing tale of their story and what we haven't read in the books/or seen on screen.

*And Turns To Gold In The Sunlight by corialis on AO3 --> This fic is beautiful, too. And again it had me crying by the end. The beginning is so adorable, and it's all from Loras' POV telling his and Renly's story beginning from when he came to Storm's End ...

*Honey (You Can Take Me Now) by [ profile] theverbalthing --> college!AU with art!student Renly and cocky fashion student Loras, which is just perfect ♥

*Little Wins by preromantics on AO3 --> High School!AU. This story is just happy making, it had me laugh out loud a few times, and Renly and Loras are just precious. Renly running for class president is so fitting for a modern Renly, and Loras being on a sports team is perfect, too. I also like how the author added many of our other beloved GoT characters into the story. I wish there would be more in this verse because I am greedy *g*

*On How Seasons Change by eudaimon on AO3 --> This one is stunning, such a lovely piece which describes their love for each other perfectly, it feels very intimate (as does the gorgeous sex scene). With us knowing what happens to them both it's also quite sad, and the end made me swallow hard. I just wanted to take them and wrap them up and make sure nothing ever happens to them.

*My Master, The Rebel Prince by lanyon on AO3 --> This is just lovely and telling how Loras came to be Renly's squire. It's WIP and it sadly hasn't been updated since last year, but the two chapters that are already there can still be enjoyed as they are. Especially if you love a young!Loras ♥ (He is 11 and then 13 in this fic.)

*Remnants Of Summer by Lemon on AO3 --> Ohgosh! This is beautifully sad and heartbreaking!

*Bruises and Broken Bones by Lemon on AO3 --> Such a wonderful piece of h/c. H/C is still my favourite genre and this one is no exception :) Renly comforting Loras after a jousting accident.

*Loras Remembers by Lemon on AO3 --> This has such a sad quality about it while making me smile at the same time. And even though I know it's coming, the ending paragraph feels like a punch in the gut.

*Birthday Surprise by renlyslittlerose on AO3 --> Renly's trying to make Loras' birthday special after the screwed up the year before (this belongs to some kind of series but I haven't figured out when or where it started but it seems perfectly readable as stand alone fic to me)

*Camping Misadventures by renlyslittlerose on AO3 --> The boys are on a road trip through the US and Renly is whining ;)(same as the fic above: this fic belongs to the same series but it does stand alone perfectly fine)

*a cloak of stags instead of flowers by youremyqueen on AO3 --> A lovely Margaery POV.

*Silks and Swans by Thursday_Next on AO3 --> Renly and Loras get wedded!

*Thunderbirds And Cigarette Cases by Lemon on AO3 --> This is a modern!AU taking place in the 1950s with Renly and Loras being detectives. And it is a long one, 14 chapters. Such a brilliant, but very heartbreaking tale.

*i am bound to the other side by [ profile] flower_carnage --> Oh, gorgeous! Sad, heartbreaking and beautifully written.

*Perfection by Lemon on AO3 --> Love this. Renly's trying to find a flaw on Loras.

*His Summer Knight by Lemon on AO3 --> Ohhhhh! Please go and read this now. So lovely! It's another fic of how they met and got to know each other, how they fell in love and got to be together. And the last bit in the last chapter is so beautiful and had me in tears. But in the best tears ♥ Happy tears ♥

*Peach Scented Body Wash by Lemon on tumblr --> Loras buys peach scented soap. Renly likes it. Likes it very much.

*et moi je t'aime un peu plus fort by lesoleilluna on AO3 --> This is sad but touching, Loras' grief from Margaery's POV. Also, Loras is carrying a basket of kittens around ;)

*My Best Laid Plans Will Build and Break Your Heart by [ profile] theverbalthing --> First this is so very hot, and then it is so very heartbreaking!

And another cut for

Finn/Gethin fic

*Sext Me Maybe (with a little bit of Gethin/Richard, though not really) by [ profile] theverbalthing --> Aw, this is fun to read and daft!boys are daft, and Finn is jealous!

*Tonight, Tonight by [ profile] theverbalthing --> the boys rehearse the manscaping scene, and then they dont rehearse at all anymore. A short ficlet :)

*Blurring The Lines by [ profile] theverbalthing --> a bit of a sequel to "Tonight, Tonight". The boys end up rehearsing in Gethin's bedroom yet again, this time the Loras/Renly scene from 2x03. But with them it ends differently. Deliciously hot!

*Time - with Gwendoline, by cuddlemeshipmates on tumblr --> a short little h/c, which is based on this picture taken by Finn, I assume (the link in that tumblr entry to the pic doesn't work anymore)

*Just Because by cuddlemeshipmates on tumblr --> THIS IS THE CUTEST ♥ Plus, there is a first kiss :)

*More Than Us by cuddlemeshipmates on tumblr --> An angsting and a little bit of an emotional Gethin.

*Time Again by [ profile] theverbalthing --> And once again the boys try to rehearse that scene from 2x03 ...

*The Way Things Are by cuddlemeshipmates on tumblr --> Awww, can I hug Gethin? Although I am sure Finn will do that just fine. Cute little fic.

Can I just say how frustrating it is to ship something where there is not much out there to read at all? I am sure most of you know that feeling but so far I have never really had a ship like that. True, I am shipping pairings for which there is hardly anything (or nothing) written, but for those pairings I do not feel the need to read fic. So with Renly/Loras and Finn/Gethin this is the first time I am really experiencing this.

Also, this is part of my "100 fandom things I love" meme because I love reccing even if I am not the best at it (in turns of putting into words why everyone should read the particular stories, I mainly only always want to put "BECAUSE IT GIVES ME ALL THE FEELINGS" beside my rec *g* And Renly/Loras certainly give me ALL THE FEELINGS ALL THE TIME!) and I adore Renly/Loras and the actors portraying them.

And last but not least, my LJ finally has a new header, it felt so naked without it, and looking at it now makes me smile every time. It represents all the squee and fun I have been having on LJ lately perfectly. Finn represents that perfectly, and after all: he is responsible for loads of that squee ♥

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